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Scientific researches and  experts reports suggest that early exposure to a foreign language – any language – has been scientifically linked to increased cognitive abilities, a richer vocabulary and improved English and math scores. 

The rapid changes around the globe represent new needs and new directions for children of all ages (as well as adults), and new opportunities for bringing children to a broader and a bigger world—and that big, broad world to them. Kids who learn Mandarin Chinese and English will be ready to join the global conversation and take advantage of all the world has to offer.
Last year, a research study commissioned by the British Council concluded that the lack of students fluent in a foreign language in both Britain and the United States will eventually weaken the competitiveness of both countries. 

The report highlights the economic advantages of more and better language education and the risks of remaining a largely monolingual culture and nation. The report concludes that the British Council should encourage kids to learn Mandarin Chinese today, expecting that their greater knowledge and broader experience may give them significant advantages in the globalized workplace of tomorrow.

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center has highly experienced native Chinese teachers, some of them have been working with Chicago Public School for multiple years, and abundant teaching resources and materials in place.  We are ready to help anyone aged between 5-17 with our carefully designed Children & Youth Teaching Program which are offered on weekends.

Please contact us today by email or by phone if you would like to receive more information about our Children & Youth teaching program. 


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